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List of the advice given by town governors and barkeepers:


Town hall, Sir Elgar:

1) Gareth seemed odd and upset.
2) Gareth is dead. He fell ill and died shortly thereafter.
3) Villagers visiting the crypt have fallen ill. No cure for the disease.
4) There is a toad who seeks assistance. Toad Village is to the Norteast up the river from Nymph Lake.
5) The gypsies at Nymph Lake are stealing. Best to keep gold in the town bank before leaving.
6) The Snake Temple to the Northwest is seeking new members since a number of their flock recently disappeared in an accident. Do not trust them.

Tavern, Galliwag:

1) Gareth is dead. There was a stranger, a snake priest, in town by the time he fell ill. He disappeared shortly thereafter. He might have been a paid assassin.
2) Travellers robbed near Nymph Lake. The gypsies have their loot stashed away beneath the old boat house.
3) The dead rise from their graves at the cemetery. Only enchanted weapons can hurt ghosts and spectres.
4) Band of thieves murdered Southeast of Valeia. Ratlings from the Black Hand may be responsible. Perhaps someone named Scanthril. They came from the North.
5) There is a back entrance to the Snake Temple. One has to swim under a gate. But it is best to stay away.

Ishad N’ha:

Town Hall, Lord Barrenhawk:

1) Be careful in the lands beyond Shurugeon Castle since Erathsmedor hunts for food there. He does not dislike humans however. He is over 1000 years old.
2) Shurugeon Castle, abandoned for over 100 years, has in recent times been haunted by strange cries and noises and an eerie light in the tower.
3) A small person entered the Dragon Spire alone and unarmed. He never came out. Perhaps the dragon ate him.
4) The entire city of Ishad N’ha awoke with bad dreams of fire and blood.
5) Many citizens have disappeared in the Northlands.

Tavern, Alonso:

1) A stout has snuck off to a closed section of the Stout Mines by switching the trolley tracks. He plans to get rich. Be nice to Stouts.
2) A gnome lives in the Dragon Spire. There is a cave entrance in the hills with a fire-breathing machine. There is a special ore in the Stout Mines which cannot be burnt.
3) A prisoner once escaped Shurugeon Castle through the sewers. Rumour has it he fled north and built a castle.
4) There is a magical lamp containing a Djinni that will grant a wish. The brother of the person spreading the rumour got eaten by a cyclops in the North Hills beyond the lake.
5) Boogres live to the North. They are trapped by an old witch. She has a fortune.

Brimloch Roon:

Town hall, Duke Brinsly:

1) Get a ship – the waters are treacherous.
2) There is an island with a skull. It was struck by disease and is mostly abandoned. A strange wizard lives there.
3) The dreaded pirate Bloodbeard is back.
4) Glowing lights on the upper islands to the Northwest.
5) Adventurers seeking the bounty on the hydra found dead.

Tavern, Holthorne:

1) An old pirate shipwrecked on a reef. He accumulated a great treasure but was forced to throw it overboard when attacked by Bloodbeard. He must have a map of the treasure.
2) Rumours of a leprechaun. Catch it and it will abandon its treasure. It is on the middle islands.
3) There is a shrine to the North with a secret entrance. Bloodbeard is anchored in a nearby grove planning to get in.
4) To the north there is a little grove where trees can walk and talk. There is also a magical fountain.
5) There is a hidden desert accesible by a mountain pass somewhere on the West coast. There is a strange pyramid-shaped temple there. A hydra guards the pass. It can be hurt with a rain of stones.
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