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As suggested by Wyvern I now post the results of my experiments regarding triggering the animosity of the Stouts:

1) Casting the circle of fire spell on one's own party in a way that will put Freyedies inside the fire automatically results in Freyedies' and his guards' attacking the party.
2) Teleporting Raskalion or a monster within close proximity of Freyedies and bombarding them with a storm spell thus also hurting Freyedies is not considered an atrocity (as we have all discovered with other NPCs). However if Freyedies dies the miners still become mad.
3) Teleporting Freyedies to the lower levels of the mines and killing him out of the guards' sight is still considered an atrocity.
4) Teleporting Freyedies into the lava of the burning cavern does not hurt him the slightest bit as is the case with monsters
5) Teleporting Freyedies to the bottom of the sinking lake actually does make him gasp for air, and eventually he dies. This also makes the miners just a wee bit agitated.
6) Not to much surprise, killing Freyedies under an elevator also upsets the guards.

Conclusion: The death of the king triggers the Stouts’ animosity. However:

7) I found out that if one petrifies a guard or a miner, kills the king, and then casts stone to flesh on the petrified stout, that stout will not start attacking the party.
8) Using any of the indirect approaches mentioned under 2, 5, and 6 to kill a guard or a miner does NOT result in the Stouts' becoming angry.

Some other chance discoveries:

9) The vault key can be easily pickpocketed from the king, but it is impossible to pickpocket the king for Kraokendon.
10) As we all know one can pickpocket the dragon ore from Freyedies, give it back to him and thus have him make more dragon armours. (The ore is not used up in making the first armours). Also one of the chests in the king's private vault room contains a dragon armour. However, it seems that a second dragon armour, found underneath the anvil inside the vault, only appears after the king has been killed.
11) In order to complete experiment two I wanted to use monsters that I did not have to search for too long. So I went down to the treasure vault (with the key I had pickpocketed from Freyedies) and started teleporting Squixes out of the chests. A squix can actually be teleported out in the middle of a room. It has an odd square base and it remains on the spot where it launches breath attacks. However, if one steps close to its old treasure chest it immediately reappears in the chest. This seems rather peculiar.
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