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Just can't imagine LOL a blank room, just a computer and a phone.. *shudder* How lonely and drab!, yes you need to work on that, atmosphere is everything! Not just a TV, that is just a preference, but lights and pictures on the wall, plants, a fish tank really is also a visual beauty, if you take it seriously though (they ARE pets, not just decoration, and should be treated as such, some people don't get that). They are just calming to watch mostly [img]smile.gif[/img] Basically, what I'm sayin is..., you need to invest in an entertainment CENTRE. Yes that's right. No need to hire any expensive decorators, you can do this yourself! Uh huh yes I see your are interested now! Yep! Not kidding! You too can swim in the gift that is electricity, just a Heavy UP or two, new plugs, and feel the hair on your head stand out, it's party tahm. Sorry, in a silly mood this evening, Friday and all... [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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