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Originally posted by ladyzekke:
Haha! Well I was only about 12 or so when I watched Soul Train, most of my entertainment I got out of it was all the outfits and the wild ass dancing. Some of the moves were really hilarious and extravagant to say the least LOL!

Shame on you, no TV in your computer room? The Horror! I have a huge desk with my monitor and a small color TV side by side here LOL. I sit in a couch chair and have two four foot speakers on both sides, 55 Gallon fish tank and HP Laser Jet to the left Get with the program, sheesh [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Oh, no kidding! I think I loved the "line dance" when they'd line up and dance through the line the best...also the outrageous outfits.

Oh, Wendy, I'm a helpless Luddite...I've got a computer and a phone in my room and that's it. Maybe when HDTV comes out, I'll get a combination computer/TV...concept!


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