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Character 1
Character name: Genar Conforn
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intended classes:
1) Monk (20)
2) Shadowdancer (10)
3) Cleric (10)

Comments on character background: Dwarf who enjoys using hands and feet to rip his foes apart. While a decent fellow he is not beyond sneaking up on more formidable foes to get a decent advantage and he makes a loyal and hardy friend as long as you don't come between him and his gold. Main reason for leaving the comfort of his home in the Misty Mountains, to come to Undermountain is his lust for gold, and ingredients for his favorite meal, Dwarven Beef Stew.

Character 2
Character name: Amelia Britanicus
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Intended classes:
1) Fighter (20)
2) Assassin (20)

Comments on character background: Her family was killed before her eyes by a bunch of thugs as she got holder she became a bounty hunter for hire. She accepts the highest bid and does not care how small the crime. She dispenses justice to all, her form of justice which usually means death.

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