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Originally posted by Spirits forever:

1.this is for discussing matters relating to the Team
2.please post here only if you are a memeber of the team, or have comments. become a memeber, PM me, with what you'd like to do, if draw, then read 3A
3A. please put up a picture, at and PM me the link,
4.Members, should put the link of their works regarding IW, here.
4b. if you don't have one yet, please make an account on Deviant Art.
5. WE are not accepting Sig Requests/Pic Requests Yet
6.Sig/pic Requests should be done in the request thread (which BTW isn't made yet, since the team is still on the way)
ok maybe i'm a little sensitive but...i thinks ome of these rules are ridiculous. why would we have to create two new accounts at different places? most of us don't want that kind of junk mail. deviant art is nice and all but man it sucks for those of us on slow connections. it takes forever to load anything. i'm sorry i love doing sigs and playing with my graphics programs, but this is too much. goodluck sf, stormy and the rest.
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