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Originally posted by Shotgun:
Is that the only reason, Lord? Personally, I've kept Mazzy for all of SoA and I need more than that to get rid of her. She's one of the only ones who does ranged attacks for me (Keldorn on occasion), but I'd be more inclined to get rid of Valygar.
Equip Valygar with a Katana (Celestial Fury is prefered) and a bow (gesen bow or better) in another slow. He can hold 3 weapons, so throw in another one, maybe Mace of Disruption +2 for when fighting undead.
Then get rid of Mazzy, give Sarevok a 2-handed sword, and your covered. Sarevok + Valygar will easily take out Mazzy + Valygar in a fight, ranged combat or melee.
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