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I have run into potential disaster for new players. I run into a situation where the
gate keeper will not open up the mines. He will only allow me to leave. Currently I have over 18 Miners Writs! This is after I
left the mines while the king was makeing my
special item. "He kept stating he needed more time". So I left the mines to do other things. Now I can not pickup the special item. Fortunately for me I "found" two of those special items in the room next to him. So traveling back there doesn't seem to be a problem. However I strongly suggest anyone getting ready for the King to do his "thing" SAVE YOUR GAME. Ask him / give him on one game and continue on another game from within the mines to avoid this.

If I didn't have the ability of my Ninja / Rogue I wouldn't have what I really needed.

For me this is disappointing as I "found" two
of them and had the ability to receive two more from my in mine quests!

Best regards