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Originally posted by Timber Loftis:
Hayek's "Crack in the Egg" is the theory that once you let government exercise one whim, you have begun a path to the inevitable loss of freedom.
Hasn't that path been being walked upon since civilization began?


Hasn't government been excercising whims since their has been government?

I think it's pretty bogus the article. Totally moronic actually. I agree with you about flying up on swings and jumping off them i've jumped off more swings in my day flying through the air an all that.. great fun.. I used to pretend i was Billy Bishop strafing an airfield as i came down.. then had to eject as i was shot down by the Red Baron.. also mastered the backflip out of them.. a friend broke an arm in elementary school flying out of them.. late seventies or 1980 abouts.. their was no hubbub about it then and shouldnt be now.. stupid really.. I just thought the last sentence up their was .. eh.. .. yeh.. Edit> im being overly sensitive.. sorry..

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