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2) Graphics Problem

2.1) Black screen on launch
Problem: Outdated sound and/or video drivers. Your system may not meet the game requirements.
Solution: Make sure you have the latest video and sound card drivers from the manufacturers' websites.
~Make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements for the game that are listed on the bottom of the box.
~Set your desktop settings to 640 by 480 and High Color (16 bit).
1) Click on Start, go to Settings, and click on Control Panel.
2) When the Control Panel comes up, double-click on the Display icon.
3) Click on the Settings tab.
4) Modify the Color Palette to say High Color 16 bit and the Desktop Area to 640 by 480.
5) Click on the Apply button once the changes have been made and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the process.
~All background applications must be shutdown prior to running the game.
1) Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to bring up the Close Program window.
2) The only programs you need to leave open are Systray and Explorer.
3) Highlight the program you want to close and click on the End Task button.
4) Once all the programs are closed EXCEPT Systray and Explorer, you can try the game once again.
~Make sure that Direct 3D is enabled.
1) Click on the Start button --> select Run and type in --> dxdiag
2) Click the OK button.
3) In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, select the Display tab.
4) At the bottom make sure that DirectDraw Acceleration and Direct3D
Acceleration are enabled.
Solution provided by: Ryanamur

2.3) Game is dragging or
generally slow

Problem: Not enough VRAM or slow CD-ROM
Solution: Are you playing at full install? If not, it's the CD-ROM that's causing the dragging. I had a problem with dragging, and reinstalled the game using the "Full install" and never had a problem again. Also: running in Hardware mode when you have a small amount of VRAM (less than 16MB) can cause a slight amount of "dragging".
If it's annoying, switch back to software mode. Software mode makes the game run faster, but you won't get the better blended graphics and lighting effects that way. One other hint to help prevent dragging behavior: if you haven't defragged (optimized) your hard drive, do so ASAP. Windows has a built-in defragmentation program called "Disk Defragmenter". You can get to it by following these steps:
1) At the desktop, click "Start"
2) Point to "Programs"
3) Point to "Accessories"
4) Point to "System Tools"
5) Click on "Disk Defragmenter"
Even if it tells you, you don't need to do a defrag (Windows is BAD about that), even a small percentage of fragmented files can slow down a drive. Make it go through a full defragmentation. If you have a 3rd party utility that's better, use it instead. I use Norton Utilities 2000's Speed Disk, and it's far better than Window's version. I've also noticed that defragmenting your drive on a regular basis (once a week!) helps cut down on the annoying "crash to desktop" behavior. It's a Windows problem more than a W&W one.
Solution provided by: Sazerac

2.5) I can see the options, but
when in the Town itīs dark

Problem: Outdated drivers or misadjusted gamma settings.
Solution: Make sure you have the latest video card driver from the manufacturer's website. Go to the Setup Options and click the Graphics button. Adjust the gamma settings by using the slider bar. It may also be necessary to adjust the gamma settings for your video card in the display properties in Windows before starting the game.
1) Click on Start, go to Settings, and click on Control Panel.
2) When the Control Panel comes up, double-click on the Display icon.
3) Click on the Settings tab and then click the Advanced button.
4) Click on either the Color or Color Management tab and adjust the gamma settings.
Solution provided by: Ryanamur

2.8) NVIDIA TNT graphics card

Problem: Your video drivers may be too new and are not compatible with the game.
Solution: This game doesnīt run with the NVIDIA TNT 2 card when using detonator3 driver, and maybe itīs the same with the riva TNT 2 chip. If u have DirectX 8 you should install one of the newer detonators cause these are the supported drivers: Detonator4 7.xx, 11.xx or 12.xx
Solution provided by: Savage

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