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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

Your spec looks to be a good compromise between a levelling and a PvP spec (I was the same, as it sounds like you enjoy to do a little of both PvE and PvP). Combat is generally the way to go for levelling. Subtlety offers several handy tricks and there are several key PvP talents in there. Assassination offers great burst DPS potential - burst DPS is pretty devastating (for example, quickly earning 5 combo points through Seal Fate, then activating Cold Blood and landing a 5 point critical Eviscerate which will tear through all but the toughest plate).

I played with a twist on the original Cookie Cutter build when I was 60, which was amazing for Stunlocking but it just doesn't hit hard enough (great for annoying people though!). I then respecced to Mutilate/Combat which was great fun, did amazing damage and was good for PvE but was tricky to pull off in PvP, mainly because of the need to constantly position yourself behind the enemy which can be hard against classes that can kite you and is especially problematic when dealing with lag! It was however very satisfying pinning an enemy with an Improved Kidney Shot (and therefore having Expose Weakness up) and then performing a Cold Blood Mutilate against a poisoned enemy - supreme damage! Now I've respecced to a hybrid build of all 3 trees now that I have my Gladiator's Slicer/Gladiator's Quickblade which is my PvE Grinding and PvP Battleground spec until I get all my gear up to scratch.

When I have enough resilience I will start running arena and respec to the sickening AR/Hemo build (which every level 70 rogue and his mother is currently using, and for GOOD reason). This build is almost too good in arena but fairly useless for anything else and VERY cooldown dependent which means you can kick butt once every 10 minutes...

As for your equipment - you have some great items for your level. As a general rule, try to aquire items that have raw attack power/hit rating/crit rating on them, as these are generally more beneficial for rogues than pure stats. Also, don't worry about items with str on them - str offers nothing that agility doesn't, and agility provides additional offensive and defensive bonuses. In an ideal world, your items with have agi/sta/AP/HR and CR so there are still a broad range of things to look out for. So really, a new necklace might be your order of the day.

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