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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

Originally Posted by Zink Whistlefly View Post
Looking good.

Agreed - it's worth hanging onto Kroll for a while yet, especially with Mongoose on it - 120 agi at your sort of level will give you insane amounts of crit and dodge.

I had the Jerkin of Untamed spirit for a while on both my chars - better yet for my Feral Druid as the "higher than norm" armor was great for tanking. You'll find a better rogue item though soon enough towards the end of HFP - Darkstorm Tunic. I had that right up until 69 when I got my Chestguard of the Dark Stalker.
What do you think of my spec? What do you think I need to replace? I'm going to play pvp at 59 for a while. I know I need a new cloak - I'm hoping to get the one from the HC quest. And I went to get a new Protectors Band (58) last night but when I arrived at the Silverywing lodge I realised I'd forgotten to bring my WSG marks!'jin&n=Scabandari

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