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Originally posted by The Hierophant:
No, I've been on the 'the strong do bully the weak, and the really smart ones will call it 'righteousness' and 'justice' and convince the weak that it's in their best interests to accept their bullying' trip for a while now

And I'm not implying that you're wrong for wanting to kick the crap out of them. Hell, I'd join you in doing so [img]smile.gif[/img] But not because of any flimsy, subjective sense of moral superiority, but because that's the way we want the world to be (ie: that the bottom-feeders of human society are not allowed to take their frustration out on cute, cuddly, fuzzy-wuzzy widdle kitty cats ), and we'd make it so by the age-old technique of physical force [img]smile.gif[/img]
Or perhaps it's the "strong's" desire to help the "weak", in this case the kitten.
To use their higher position in the hirearchy for good rather than these barstards did, sure they may be f**ked up, but i don't care, there are certain acts that are not appropriate, i don't care for what reason it occoured, (well i do care as it would be good to fix the cause at the source) but i don't like it happening, and as a society we have come up with a law against "cruelty to animals" and as there is no major financial benefit from such a law i believe it was put in place for the purpose of stopping acts like this that are just shearly "wrong".
I believe there is such a thing as "wrong" and we should be developed enough as a society to decided that, and this is wrong by all definitions, weather these kids have reasons is not relevant, the thing is they did it, they crossed a moral/legal guideline for no real purpose, and they should be punished, and i have to say if i had a rifel and i saw this happening i would defend the weak, the simple truth is the kids were in the wrong, and they deserve to be punished, hopefully by the proper authorities, but what is the gurantee that they will be?
there was obviously a witness from this report, all i'm saying is if that witness had have been me... well, defend the weak, and as these kids got pleasure from abusing the weak i would take pleasure in defending, and obviously pelasure in abusing the weak (the kids) but not without reason.
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