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I couldn't agree more. Morality is social convenience, designed by the strong to suit the strong, and enforced upon the weak (by various means, violence and intimidation being two of the most common).

The bone I have to pick is with the morality of current so-called 'democratic' nations, which encourages non-violence, equal-rights (when you can tell that all are clearly NOT equal just by looks alone) and the overall domestication of the wild, animal vitality of our species. Saying that violence is imprudent or non-constructive in a given situation is totally different to saying it is morally wrong. Our current moral 'norms' appear to be a result of slave indignation against violent oppression... going all the way back to Jewish enslavement in Babylon. I think it is imperitive that our moral codes are restructured to once again encourage vitality over tameness.

For instance, I would physically punish these young kitty-killers, not because they hurt a defenseless kitten, but because they were trying to excercise rights beyond their social station. The licence to inflict pain belongs to those at the top of the hierarchy, not the dregs at the bottom. In essense these boys were trying to 'synthesise' social power by torturing these kittens. If these boys were 'naturally' powerful they would have no need to torture kittens, they would 'pick on someone their own size' instead. They should be reminded of their low 'natural' station by physical force if necessary.
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