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~Back to the story...

Soon after Larry had begun his peace negotiations with K. Spree, he embarrasingly asked if he could go relieve his kidneys of their burdon. K.Spree reluctantly agreed and Larry was off behind the bushes. He emerges from his hiding place to find K. Spree gone and the KFA in flaming ruin.

"I am not going to pay for was not even done by our agency!"

Thus, Larry realizes that he is pretty much alone in the wooded area, and even his protective guard from above has flown off to who knows where.
So, Larry starts the long walk back to the Temple, hoping that he can get this mess sorted out.

"What a life...I am elected as secretary of a temple, then self-proclaimed General of the Holy Crusade in the absence of the High-one, then set up as an ambassador to negotiate peace. Now, I am walking away from a burning heap of sacraligious mess and I don't even know what happened."

Larry's next post is to be on the Temple thread.


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