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Winking Re: Is there anyone out there???

Needle Felting - I got a book published last year titled: "Needle Felting - to the Point" which was about techniques. Unlike most craft books, it wasn't a project book. I used a lot of projects to illustrate the information I was explaining. It was filled with a lot of really good information on the tools, materials and how to work with them. It's doing pretty well.

The second book I want to be on problem solving and may actually include some step by step projects. Currently I'm thinking of doing a woodland fantasy theme for the book. I created this diorama this past week which I might use for some of the photos. I'm in the process of building another diorama and may end up including step by step instructions for building it.

Now if the weather will cooperate, I might make more progress. We have snow (urg) today and the heat in my craft room doesn't work so unlikely I will get a lot done today.
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