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Ironworks Forum Anyone playing PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) a Battle Royale game! #1 on Steam

It sold over 30 million copies, and is SO addictive.
Much like the movie, you are dropped onto an island or landmass (100 of you) and in solo, its you vs EVERYONE else.--but not right away.. people can parachute out anywhere during the planes random flight path. The object of the game is to not die, and be the last man/women standing in the end.

Sometimes you won't have to kill anyone, as there is this circle that closes in on players over time, and it shrinks each time, and outside of the circle is the 'gas'.. if you get stuck in it, you could die. the first circle gas is weak, so if you are close to the circle to get in, you can usually make it. BUT, the final few circles, the blue gas will chunk your health off FAST, so watch the circle and time left before it closes again.

There are cars too.. to get around.
First thing when you land, LOOT buildings. Get a gun, and shotgun first--usually what you will find. then AR's like an AK47 (AKM) or M16, SCAR-L or the best one, the M4. loot armor--level 1-3 body and helmet armor. lvl 1 is weakest, level 3 best.

(You can also find sniper rifles in the game--most are in a 'drop' like COD's care package, but it drops ONLY stuff from crates gun wise--Groza, AUG and M249 heavy machine gun and other higher power sniper rifles. (and a ghillie Suit) And much more....

You will wand at least a red dot scope for your close combat or 'push' weapon--AR's.. set to AUTO.. in fields, set to SINGLE. (Check PUBG in YouTube for tips, you'll find amazing skill guides that will get you up to date fast!)
Also look for heals.. cans of drink and pain med bottles, and bandages and big first aid kits.

It's SUPER addictive, and cheap on steam. I think it's $30. Not bad! And they plan on adding modding--where you can make your own maps in later this year.
If you wanna play, I am playing with Jasper (Ironworks member). and 2 other friends.

You can play SOLO, Duos or 3-man Squad or 4 man Squads. (vs others of the same groupings).
If you can, you should try it... its SO fun. Very fun and tactical or just do your own thing.. drive around honking, get people to reveal their location--stop your vehicle, and take 'em out.
I have and Ironworks Gaming Discord server now, as well. If you wanna play PUBG with me/us, just PM me on here or Steam, my ID is "Ziroc_Ironworks".

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