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Larry, when it comes to portable electronics I spend the extra money and buy only one brand, Sony. I have seen Sony products dropped in mud, coated with dust, covered with oily substances, and just about anything else a soldier could attempt just shy of smashing it. I have seen exceptional service, or replacement at 'No Cost', so I have stuck with them.

My digicam is now 2 years old, it's a Sony, 4MP, with 3 level video capability. In Hi-Res mode it will compete with just about any other brand dedicated digi-vid.

From the 2nd year after we bought our video camera some 13 odd years ago, we have not used one. However, my new one has the capability, and exceptional quality, that mode is not used very often.

I don't have the 'short-cut' on this machine, but there is a dedicated site that reviews nothing but digital products. There one can read real reviews from real people on all sorts of digital products.
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