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Default Re: Wyvern's Emporium of Lost and Unobtainable Items!

I can totally take the whole thing apart, I am quite good at hex - editing. Normally in a case like this I would open Hexplorer, then use the Export command to create a file containing the hex translations of the ASCII characters. Then I would open the file in Word and change all spaces, paragraph marks to tab stops. Then I would send the thing to an Excel spreadsheet. There I would use a function to turn the hexadecimal to decimal, and I would use a macro of my own to numbers 65 thru 90 and 97 thru 122 back to letters.

However this has 284 characters per listing and Excel has only 256 columns ever. I can't use Edit > Paste Special > Transpose until the stuff is pasted into Excel. (And I can't paste it into Excel because there are too many characters.)

So what I will do is use a custom macro in Word to divide each entry into two entries of 142 characters each. Then in Excel I will use line numbers to enable me to isolate the first line in each entry. This enables me to isolate the names and send them back to Word, then return them to Excel. By the time I am finished, the identified names and unidentified names will occupy 2 columns not 43 or 44. Thus the entire file will come in at 240 or 241 columns.

Also, I would want to break the original file up into around four pieces so that Word does not hopelessly crash.

Then comes the fun part of figuring out what the numbers mean.

Edit: the idea works alright. I have a cold today, so I have only done a quarter of it. Knowing what all the numbers mean may enable quick fixes to various items.

Edit, Edit: an Excel file can be MB in size, yet I can only paste about 100Kb at a time when going from Word into Excel?! Now I am totally done. Now what do all these numbers mean? Column 45 is the item type, that much is obvious.

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