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Default Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

Originally Posted by Froberg View Post
Baldurs Gate, particularly #2, rules all. Period.

What I want to see is a total-conversion project where all content from BG2 is ported in to the Dragon Age engine.
THAT, would be something to see!

For my money, I loved DA, and bought all content and expansions for it.

I also loved Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 more so. Mass Effect 2 got rid of a lot of annoyances that were present in ME1. The only lack was not enough side-quests and that you weren't able to wander about in as-large areas.

The graphical quality is excellent, however, I wonder why DA did not get the same graphics quality. It seems out-dated out of the box, only graphical improvement mods were able to fix this to some degree.

NWN I never cared for it all.. too much;
"You start here. Go to all four possible directions, and kill everything. Return and port to a new area and repeat."

As for KOTOR, I enjoyed that quite a bit, despite being horribly disappointed by the SW franchise lately. KOTOR2 was rushed and incomplete, and just not acceptable.
MMO's don't appeal to me at all, so I won't be playing the new one.

I have just preordered DA2 as well as The Witcher 2.
I think I will enjoy TW2 more.
In all fairness to NWN's, the campaign was a demo of what you could do with the toolset. NWN"s shined online in user created modules.

Originally Posted by WOLFGIR View Post
I think that Dragon Age 2 is a nice game - though it is for certain not a Dragon Age 2. I think that many games today are made with the intention of being something new - but few dares to rely on their ideas so they try to sell it to an already worked up crowd and simply mashes a 2 or 3 behind a common name and then changes too much for people to sit well with.
The thing I'm picking up on most about DA 2 is that it's not supposed to be a sequel, per se. They have created their own world, and they are attempting to flesh it out. How well they do remains to be seen, but going in expecting to "pick up where you left off" will leave some disappointed for sure.

Somebody commented on the hype that was "spiritual successor to BG". Although nothing will ever grab me the way BG did, they did hit it with char/NPC interactions. In the months following the initial release, people were getting upset if you didn't like Alistair, or like Morrigan, etc etc. I'm talking full scale flame wars. I think I was the president of the "He man Alistair haters club" for a while. I was also the inventor of the self replenishing box of kleenex especially for Alistair. Any time people can get that emotionally invested in the NPC's, somebody did something right.
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