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Character 1
Character name : Eldraia Darkhart
alignment: lawful good (soon to be lawful evil)
intended classes:
1)Paladin 20 (current)
2)Blackgaurd (20 when i can make him evil)

comments on background:
Eldraia is or should i say was a paladin of selune untill recently when he started to lose faith in his goddess. before he was a very successful paladin he had led sevral successful defenses of selune temples against assassins and thieves of shar. recently he was sent to undermountain by a high priest of selune to investigate rumors of a cult of shar working out of undermountain. so like the good paladin he is he went to check it out. after days of wandering aimlessly around undermountain he finaly found them working out of an area in the southquarter of skullport. they were doing some business with kraken society slave traders. eldraia saw this with disgust and he attacked without thinking. he slew most of the sharists and kraken society but he had failed to notice three illithids. using theirr mental powers they planted the seed of doubt before eldraia slew them. shortly after he lost faith in selune and turned to the dark goddess shar. he now leads the cult of shar operating in undermountain.

eldraia is quick with a blade and with his tongue he can hold his own on the battlefield but sometimes has trouble when surrounded
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