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Instead of compiling it into a single post, I plan to leave this thread open so people can edit their own forms in order to add additional characters.

This means each player will only make one post here.

That post will contain the character info.

Any comments not directly related, as well as all discussions, go into different threads than this one.

Members are allowed to select a maximum of five characters to be a part of the team. Since we're on server vault now, for convenience's sake and to allow character relations to build a bit, these characters are fixed once picked. You can no longer rotate one out to introduce a new one except in special circumstances.

What is openly called Team Ironworks in out-of-character speach is a hush-hush organisation in-game, though most members will know of each other. They are, if you will, secret agents specialised in operating under Undermountain conditions to carry out a variety of objectives specified by the enigmatic 'Z'.

All of it a thin excuse to go out there; have fun and slay things as a group, of course.

On to the roster, please fill in the form below to sign up.

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