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First off, I would like everyone to know that I got bored of BG and am switching back to W&W (for the time being).

>>I played through once, with 4 characters. After completing the Crypt, joined another character with the party. By the time I reached Ishad Na (spelling is rusty), I was already bored with them. So...

I then decided to play through with individual characters (the ones I made previously) and join them up. Here is how I see it: I play through with all 5 characters, reach around level 7 for each, then restart all the adventures and begin with another character. When I finish all 5, I'll start a new game and have them joined together (like Kerah brings them together or something, they are all from different dimensions, hence all of them doing the same quests without seeing each other.. )

In the beginning, starting out with one character is pretty challenging (especially with spawn often). Probably the only thing people will have trouble with, is the 10 Trolls in the woods leading to Nymph Lake.. I had a little trouble with those guys with my Rogue and 2 Fighters. I had some trouble with the Wizard, but not much. I'm playing through with my final character, the Priest, so I'm not sure how that will fare.

Just thought I'd post a little info on how I plan on playing through the game. It makes it easier, seeing as by the time I'm ready to move with a party, I have everything I need (without using the gold enhancement cheat....)

Glad to be back for the time being!

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the third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

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