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Like I said, depends on what you're looking for in a game. The text is well written and amazing, but really tests my patience after the 20th page, and thats only on one of the very first NPCs you meet. It's all a matter of taste. WW won me with superior character customization and creation ( in my opinion ) beautiful graphics and awesome combat and exploration gameplay. I own both so, whats that tell ya. Planescape was good, but for me didn't have the combat-exploration level of gameplay I wanted, and the character creation and customization ( or lack thereof ) really got me down. The game just didn't have longevity. I mean, the char always looks the same, has the same name, and cant really put much equipment on that gives you a sense of customization. In other words, PST is too rigid in that respect. If you like customizing your char in baldur 1 or icewind dale, don't expect to create the nifty looking half elf ranger with blue duds and blonde hair that you usually create, because you are gonna have to use the ugly gray nameless one as is for the whole game. Plus the game is pretty slow, expect to get confused searching around ( slowly ) forever to find the little crevass you need to slide through to get to location x or whatever. Anyway, do as you will.