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Default Re: Secrets of the Witch

The path to the woodcutter’s cottage is little more than a bridle trail – just wide and smooth enough for one to lead a laden horse or mule. Until this morning it had branched off from a wider track suitable for wagons that runs for a while through the forest before leading to a small farming village on the outskirts of the town of Lockesville. Very early this morning, just before the first light of day, a solitary traveler stepped off the wagon trail and onto the path leading to the woodcutter’s cottage. His gate was unhurried but swift, untroubled by the darkness that should have slowed his progress, and his passing left neither sound nor scent nor in its wake. A short time later, as the light of dawn began to fill the morning sky, the path taken by the traveler simply disappeared. One moment it branched, as it always had, off of the main wagon trail, and the next there was nothing to be seen or felt along its entire length but the seamless growth of the forest.
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