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Wow, guys! I hadn't noticed that you'd jumped in here to post your questions! I apologize for the delay in responding to you... many of us don't watch these threads all that carefully

Mythrandore, first off,welcome to the boards. May this post find you full of life, and not rotting from our inactions in responding to you

Second, my suggestions for you involve switching the graphics (in the controls area, graphics) to software drivers or 640x480 hardware mode. That often makes things better, and software drivers are the minimal problem solution. IOW, there are fewer problems because they do less.

Don't trust Windows that your drivers are up to date, either. Go directly to the manufacturer's web site and get what *they* say are the latest drivers. That's what I recently did...

If you've got more problems, post on a new thread in the board. We'll do our best to help you

And Vortex^, I don't remember if I've welcomed you before, so let me do it anyway. Welcome to the boards, and may you soon be slaying skeletons with sword, spear, and staff.

I played with DX8 for a long time. DX9 works okay as well -- just skip the DX installation when you install the software.

As for getting to the command prompt, the manner differs, based on your OS. If you're Win ME or 98, go to Start/Programs/MS-DOS prompt. If you're XP or Win2k, go to Start/Run/cmd. If you're running NT, do one or the other; I forget which.

Both methods will take you to the same place, and you just need to type "exit" at the prompt to close these windows.

Once you're there, you can do the command line stuff to manually install W&W.

Both of you, please post back on the main W&W page with further questions. That way, I just about guarantee that you'll get a response within hours or minutes instead of weeks [img]smile.gif[/img] I'll email you both to let you know that someone has responded here.
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