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Originally Posted by Aelia Jusa View Post
Hey, I need help with enchanting. I have a lot of runes but when I ask the guy in camp to enchant something for me I don't have any items to enchant? Even though I have a number of non-enchanted weapons in my inventory. Are there only certain types of items that can be enchanted or do I need something else or something?
I thought you need to have a little box in the description of the item which is the "space" for the rune. I only have 4 of them that have that little rune box. You can then put whatever rune you want in there (and remove too) when you are with the 'chanter.

Also, I am confused by the achievements that get unlocked every now and then when I do something. Like when I finished the mage tower "mage sympathiser" was unlocked - what is this and what is it for? There's been a bunch of others that I can't remember as well.
I think that's mainly a console thing. I always get that on my PS3 games. No idea what they're for.

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