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Well as you arleady know, i've been following the rules by making all of my sigs 155X225 pixels in size... 225 being width and 155 being height...

but i was going through the rules and regs and apparently it says that if you mix 2 images together.. you can have a sig that is 220x280 in size!!!

do you realized HOW BIG a sig that would be if you mixed two images together!!!

It would be excactly like this:


Im not saying i want to start doing this, frankly I don't... i just was wondering if you remembered to edit the 2 picture thing or not... because i mean... JEEZ that could end up taking up alot of bandwith...

I was just curiouse that's all... and NO im not going to be taking any requests with a sig this size... it's too bizare and too large a canvas for me to even dare to work with... I enjoy lots of canvas, but if it's like this *devided into two parts* i normally go crazy with that ammount of room, and that's time i'd rather not spend [img]tongue.gif[/img] its twice the work after all...

so is this rule for real or what? A typo maybe? Im a bit flabberghasted and think maybe a few peopel are looking at this rule and thinking that having one BIG sig that takes up the space of both is OK or something, because I know it isn't but many of them don't....

and once again... NO im not going to start producing sigs of this size @_@ its... too... big...


*sticks to doing what he does best*l
sincereley, the sig doctor...
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