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Originally posted by Melusine:
Oh yes, that is so very helpful
What does the fact that the US military may or may not have designed the internet have anything to do with anything?...

You should be ashamed of yourself, coming from Europe and not knowing the origins of the internet! Ahh these youngsters.
A history lesson for you from someone who was working with 'networks' during the beginnings:

The 'Intranet', as we all know it today was indeed 'invented' by the US military. TRUE. (c.1968?)
But the first time any internet protocol was used to link two local networks together was in Europe, during the Stella satelite commuciations project (1981). This linked up CERN, "Centre European pour la Recherche Nucleaire", (Switzerland), Pisa (Italy) to Cambridge (UK).

And yes, this dicussion board has it's origins at CERN too. Discussion boards (forums) were one of the first developments we made at CERN (am I showing my age?),so that the scientists could share their reasearch in real-time. But the boards at CERN even started to depart from scientific study to hobbies and other trivia and so separate boards were created. And the community grew until in 1990, a CERN scientist (Tim Berners-Lee) co-wrote the first web client...

More information can be found at:

I was only a junior at CERN in those days and had nothing to do with the development of CERNet etc., but I was using it from 1986 until I left in 1991... So I know this to be fact.

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