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Happy Off topic: Wow, long time no see guys.

Pleasantly surprising to see this place so active!

Got really nostalgic the other day when someone asked me what the first PC RPG I ever played was (Wizards & Warriors), and thought about this forum.

Decided to pop in and say hello, which used to be an annual event but fell off about 2004 (I was active here around mid-2001 to early 2002? I think.)

Turns out that I've forgotten the password to my old account (Chi master) and to the hotmail I used to register it (typical) so I decided to make this one quickly and say hello =)

Anyone here remember me? I was the annoying kid who posted half his topics in full caps, asked questions like "who's you favourit charicter?" and sat in the Boogre Bar all day "sampling" the wine =P You'll have to forgive me, I was 10-11 years old. It's only when I look back on those posts now that I realise how tolerant and friendly you guys all were for puting up with me, hahaha.

Hopefully some of the old regs I remember are still around.
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