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Nice story. Makes me feel so bad for the old man, and so happy when the kid gets his digs in LOL so to speak. [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img]

Old people in general really get to me emotionally. I've volunteered at Nursing Homes before, just to be a companion mostly and wheel them outside and stuff. It just breaks my heart seeing a human being so frail, and see pictures of them when they were young, so vibrant and powerful, now turned into this... Life just sucks cause you physically just go downhill eventually. The only thing you've got is what is on the inside, but sometimes when you are that old, what you have inside is never seen by anyone, cept those in the nursing home. Bah, it is just so depressing and sad.

Love your grandmother, love your grandfather, love your parents, appreciate them while they are in your lives. Give them attention even if you think they don't want it, cause most likely in some ways they do.

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