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Originally posted by Downunda:
That's enough of that my friend Stealthys site is something special to IW and I feel it brings all of us members closer together. I'm embarrased by a few of my pics up there aswell but it still gives peeps an idea of what I'm about.
Peace dude and don't get too worried about looks [img]smile.gif[/img]
Couldn't agree more! I have several photos up in Stealthy's, some of which are a few years old, some of them are a few months old. And I don't look anything like any of them nowadays!
My hair is now short, I dress different, I just look completely different (and better LOL). I had my London Transport photocard (which is about 10 years old) checked by a ticket inspector the other day. He looked at the photo, looked at me, and his only words were 'Bloody Hell'. Wasn't quite sure how to take that, but it sums up how different I look now. Friends have walked straight past me on the street because they didn't recognise me until I spoke to them!

But I'm keeping my old pics up there, it's all part of my personal history etc.
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