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Originally posted by Melusine:
Originally posted by Vaskez:
well if they are obviously tongue-in-cheek I don't mind leaving long as people know that's not the "real me" hehe
And you're right I don't care what random people think... I only care what those people think whose opinion I value...and there are some around here [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'll upload some of my pics from hiking in the Alps or something
*huuuggggggggggs Vasky* (the first person to say anything about something synonymous to perpetuity or infinity will be slapped. That includes you Davros. don't start your grynz either )

Well, you could always change the pic descriptions Vask! So that even the more dimwitted people get that you're not a gangsta.
But for the record, I always found them very funny and it was really obvious that they were tongue in cheek. [img]smile.gif[/img]
Would love to see your hiking pics though... hiking in the Alps must be amazing!!
[/QUOTE]Heh you forget that I'm not the "owner" of those pics otherwise I wouldn't have had to ask Memnoch to delete them, so I can't change the description.
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