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Default Re: I knew it... EA Ruins new Sim City 'Reboot' Always online DRM down!

Originally Posted by Ziroc View Post
Firestormalpha - Kingdoms of Amalur is a good game.. (On the PS3 I own it and it is HUGE.. and a great game). EA didn't poison it.. dunno about the PC version.


Chewy-- yeah, I reinstalled SC4, and all those mods (buildings, road shapes, models, and more).. Without the modding community, it'd have gone away..

I'm SURE since its online or whatever, they won't offer modding.. which means limiting you, the player... the dumbing down of gaming continues... bah.
In 10 years, will the new sim city be remembered? Nope. Because they shut down the servers in 2017.

I just hope the patch online DRM OUT. patch EA OUT (heh)go indie! add modding, and save themselves, or Maxis will be closed... even though the maxis there now isn't the maxis we remember.
If you like fun indie games, I got 'the cave' on the PS3 (on PC too), made by the guy that created Monkey Island and Loom!! Check some of the Youtube video of "The cave" out.. it's like an adventure game with puzzles and stuff..

Can't wait till Baldurs Gate TWO Enhanced is out... (Hope they can redo Icewind Dales too).
Mods? The new simcity do not need stinking mods. What it *cough* EA *cough* will give players are DLCs, lots and lots of DLCs.

Speaking of which, I just reinstalled Simcity 4 as well.
This is my first city

After nearly 8 hours of gameplay. I finally manage to get $2k surplus income.
Now I'm gonna start a 2nd city to outsource my dirty industries.
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