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Default Re: Running EFU on Win7 x64 bit now.. give it a test

Originally Posted by Ziroc View Post
I miss those 2 inches hehe....
Thats what she said! (HAHAHAHAHA)

My cousin in bigtime into battlefield, frags every weekend! If you come across someone by the name of Blueguile, that'd be him, stab him, shock him, do what ever you can to him! He's run me over more time then I care to say...

I will! got a level 65+5 eagles on the PS3 version, but gotta start fresh on the PC version... And no in-game voice chat on the PC.. that sucks... but the graphics blow the PS3 away!!!!!!!!! (as usual)
They are always like "man, for a level 5, you sure can fly a heli... hehe..
Children get Arthritis too!
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