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Default Re: Running EFU on Win7 x64 bit now.. give it a test

Yeah, I had to get a new x58 motherboard AND PSU.. the old PSU messed up my Motherboard's sata, and caused 4 harddrives to get bad sectors.. RMA'ed 2 of them, and had to buy a third... (need it for graphics design/video) and had to reinstall XP and Win7 (dualboot). what a pain in the ass.

At least I can access all 18 gig of ram now. Battlefield 3 on the PC is CRAZY smooth.

Oh, and to it all off, my amazing LCD 24 inch by BenQ died last week... I LOVED that sucker.. but it was old.. 2006. but I got a new BenQ 24 inch, and its LED backlit and is 120Mhz and came with 3D glasses.. lol. I tried them out, neat and all, but kinda hurts your eyes... it was HALF the price I paid for the first monitor too.. man the prices have come down..

I took the broken LCD's backplate off, and see that the power supply's 130watt cap went bad.. (leaked some acid.. not on the board though), so I MAY try to fix it.. I heard a sizzle then a pop when it died.. scared the crap out of me.
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