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Default Re: Diablo III - Lets all pick a server together to play on!

I'm the same as Majik - I have 3 level 60s, a 4th at 59 and a fifth at 43. I think through probably 500+ hours of play time I have only ever got ONE drop that was itemised for any of my characters. It's just easier to buy your gear at the AH. And unless you want to spend millions of hours farming for drops in Inferno you will also be buying your gear in the AH, so the farming is really for gold. Only thing is, most of the good gear is in the RMAH not the gold AH. I've sold a couple of items in the RMAH in the $10-$15 range, that's it. I'm planning to sell some mats once they remove that $0.25/unit price minimum as nobody wants to buy a stack of 100 essences for $25.

It is REALLY hard to get through inferno without decent gear. Even with my monk I spent like $100k on his gear and he still struggled, though to be fair monks tend to suck in inferno unless they are in a group. I spent 300k gold on my barbarian and he is doing much better - I actually have a decent chance against the elite packs without getting two shotted.

I think I will eventually go back to WoW though...I'm starting to get bored with it. There's not enough of an effort-reward thing for me - you can spend like 20 mins and multiple wipes trying to kill 2 elite packs with really shitty affixes only to get shit loot. Then you can get a legendary drop from breaking open a barrel. Once my last 2 toons hit 60 I think that will be it for me.

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