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Default Re: Diablo III - Lets all pick a server together to play on!

In Reply to Z's comments on Drops. Yes until you get to Level 60 and are in inferno and you build up your Nefelim (sp) points your drops will suck for the most part but as a level 60 you go back to earlier parts of the game you can get better gear to drop to use with your Alts. (working on my 3rd Level 60 alt at the moment) Sorry to say the Blacksmith leveling was a waste, altho supposedly you can get recipes/schematics to drop to have him become more useful....with 3 level 60 characters I still have only found 3 or 4 low level schematics...that is pretty sad. As for teaming up, it is hard in Inferno to team as you will be getting killed enough with the "weaker" enemies by your self, together it gets way harder...and no I havent finished Inferno with any of my guys......repairs cost too for now Im focusing on getting one of each character type to level 60.

Oh and as the game is..its pointless to run a "Hard Core" character since there is nothing you can do to prevent the occasional death....too many of the bosses get random affixes that equate to insta-kill for you.
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