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Laughing Out Loud Kakero!!!!! (or whoever knows Japanese)

Hey Kakero!

(Anyone who knows Japanese could help me here as well!)

Sorry for posting this here but you can't receive PMs for some reason.

Anyway, there is this small text in Japanese that I need translated. Mostly Kanji. Could anyone help here?

Another thing, does anyone know a website that can translate Kanji-English for people who don't know Kanji.
I can use google translate or other Japanese-English dictionaries, but only if the text is in hiragana/katakana so I can type it myself. Alternatively if the kanji is on a website I can copy/past it and this works as well.
But... if it's in a picture (like the case above) or printed text then I have absolutely no idea how to type the kanji characters.

If there is a website that helps/explains how to do this I'd be really grateful... (alternatively I'd just have to wait for a few months (years?) till I learn the kanji basics at least).

Big thanks in advance.
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