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Default Re: US 'no' on Taiwan arms seen as sign of China clout

Originally Posted by Micah Foehammer View Post
Taiwan has been the legitimate seat of the Republic of China government since 1949 when Chiang Kai Shek relocated the ROC government from Nanjing on the mainland to Taipei on Taiwan. The People's Republic of China does not exercise sovereignty over Taiwan, and has never done so. In fact, the island was part of Japanese Territory until after WW2 when it was ceded to the Republic of China government.

The PRC claim is based primarily on the concept that it is the successor state of the ROC and therefore entitled to all of the ROC's holdings.

Here's a full outline of the legal status on Taiwan status as a sovereign nation:

Maybe we should just let the 23 million Taiwanese decide who they want to govern them?
Zomg wiki link lolz nub!

Taiwan is a renegade state of china. If taiwan want to be considered a sovereign state. Declare independance! So easy boh?

inb4 another butthurt response.
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