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Default Re: WoW Losing Subscribers - the beginning of the end?

Fear not, oh intrepid MMO junkie - Blizzard will soon have your next addiction ready to serve with their upcoming defacto MMO, namely, Diablo III. Seriously, the game might as well be one, considering the online requirement, prohibition of mods and the legalised microtransaction auction house. Unlike Steam at this stage, there won't be an 'offline mode'. Hopefully that changes with all of the negativity they've received on this.

It's a transition period because Electronic Arts are also soon to become fierce competitors for WoW's revenue with The Old Republic. Some players may switch over, others may be content to stick with WoW until Diablo III arrives.

Personally, I've never played WoW and probably won't. Too many great single player games still left to play!
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