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Surprised Man WoW Losing Subscribers - the beginning of the end?

600k last quarter and another 300k this quarter.

I think we are finally at a time where WoW is getting old. Don't get me wrong, this game has provided me with countless hours of fun, and revolutionized the MMO genre. I think it is and was fully deserving of the popularity and money it made. I just...would like to see something different now. Kinda burned out with taking breaks from the game and having nothing else to go back to but WoW simply because it is the most polished MMO on the market.

I would like for something else to take its place eventually. Although Blizz are working on a new MMO so I guess if anyone can surpass WoW it's the people who created it. Still, once it is something new and fresh idk.

Of course, WoW still makes a god-awful amount of money and maintains its spot as #1. I don't think it will be knocked from that spot anytime soon. But this does speak to the age and longevity of the game. People are becoming bored. Personally, I found the latest expansion mediocre maybe that's why many have left.
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