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Default Help with Haks and the Erf folder?

So I decided to install NWN: Diamond once again, and have a full crack at the campaigns, and to do as much as I could/chapter.

Started a Rogue/Ranger in the vanilla campaign, which is great. Linu makes a very useful companion. The problem lies, however, in Shadows of Undrentide. I had planned to play a Sorcerer, and tried downloading this Mischa mod , allowing me to have a proper warrior henchman at my side.

PRoblem is, when I go into my NWN folder, there's no "Erf" file, and I can't follow the instructions in the link/readme. I tried creating an erf folder, and copy pasting the file, but to no avail. She still won't come along.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?
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