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Default Re: Questions about some fighter feats...

The bonuses are cumulative, just like it says in the table at the back of the manual, and it does indeed help if your off-hand weapon is small or tiny (or just tiny in the case of gnomes and halflings).
Using different main and off-hand weapons does have a disadvantage though; you'd want to specialize in two weapons rather than one. Solve the problem by either using two small weapons of the same type (though that does reduce the damage you deal), or using one of those exotic two-bladed dire thingies instead.
Your favoured weapon could be anything; but unless you already know you want to wield x or y by the end of the game you could just go with whatever you're actually using.
Final note; remember to have at least 13 STR and 15 DEX so you can take all the feats you'd like. And 13 INT never hurts a fighter either...

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