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Default Re: Neverwinter Nights MMO?

Well, I had tons more fun playing NWN's online than I did playing DDO. NWN's 1 was almost MMO-ready in a sense. If it is true, I would be cautiously optimistic. But, Bioware aren't heading it - bloody cryptic studios get their hands on all my favourite stuff and I am yet to be really impressed with this company. As you know, CoH left me bitter. And then there's also NWN's 2 to consider, which took more from its predecessor than it gave IMO. I hope they don't follow down that path.

Honestly, I feel like someone screwed with the timeline. I always thought, due to the successes of BG and NWN's, that Bioware would eventually be the first to develop the official Dungeons and Dragons MMO, and it would be close to where WoW was in popularity, but alas, things worked out so oddly.

Bioware are busy with Dragon Age, which btw, looks and plays so like NWN's/BG that they should just grant them the license and change some spell names, cashing in on the D&D license and attracting that extra market. But anyways, Turbine got the rights from Atari for DDO, and now cryptic could possibly be creating NWN's online. If I were Atari or Hasbro i'd be begging Bioware to head most of my games simply because they have had such success with them in the past. Who used the timeship to commit such atrocities?
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