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Default Re: Ever had a Lot of Nightmares?

Milk, wine and herbal tea can all be good alternatives to drugs. Do realize though, that just because something is a 'natural' product it doesn't have to be good for you. I don't expect a Valerian/Chamomile tea or the like to be trouble but on the other hand drinking a single cup of liquorice tea a day may cause hypertension in some users.
Aside from self medication having its own effect on your body (you wouldn't use it if it did nothing) the things you eat and drink may also interact with the potency and duration of other drugs you're taking. Use of the pill, herbal tea, vitamin supplements or OTC products like nyquil and paracetamol can all count as drug use even if you might not normally think of them as such.

Of course you should try to find a way to get some restful sleep, and just about any product is safe in moderation under normal conditions (barring perhaps certain diet etc. pills ordered over the internet). Try any of the avenues in the thread, there are bound to be some beneficial suggestions there.
I do feel it needed pointing out that 'not a pill' does not mean 'no side effects,' nor is prescription medication a guarantee for them.

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