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Default Ever had a Lot of Nightmares?

From something?

I recently moved, and have had trouble adjusting/sleeping, so decided to buy some Sominex (no prescription needed, it's available in grocery stores, drug stores, etc.) to help me fall asleep, cause I gotta get sleep to go to work, etc.

Well, I've come to the conclusion these pills are giving me nightmares. No mention of it on the box, but dang, when I take them it isn't just one nightmare, but one after another after another after another, all different topics, absolutely out of control all night long all morning long until I just get the hell up. Horrible ones too, from people robbing me of my bank card, then attacking my loved ones in horrible ways and I just try to stop them during the attack but just can't seem to move all that well, to a person I've known from my past in a desperate financial situation coming over my house and trying to take valuables from me and my Christian Dad ended up having to kill him, and I had just a ton of guilt about it, to a dragon attacking me and I'm running from one building to another in some woods while it smashes them down and I run to another and another, to at one point the dragon turned to some guy with long hair who wanted me to teach him how to use a computer to play games, and I had to help him or else he'd turn back into a dragon and go back to chasing me, and he'd tie by hands to a wall in some wooden building until he was ready for me to teach him, etc. etc.

What the heck is in this stuff to do this?

Has anyone here ever had a situation where you had nightmares from medication or something else?

Sheesh I'd really like to be able to sleep, but that ain't really sleeping and it's taken me a few weeks of taking Sominex on and off to finally realize that indeed I really think it isn't me just adjusting to the new place, but the Sominex itself that is giving me these nightmares. I'm at the point where I'm just scared to even take another frikken pill ever again.

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