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Default Re: Antagonist's Anarchy: Magically-Deviant Mental Asylum (or OOC)

Very bottom of the first post is a spoiler for character sheet template. The 'rules' are very, very detailed but as CD said, it's pretty free form. We don't generally to rolls for actions or whatever, can pretty much do what you want as long as something blows up/someone sings/someone cross dresses, etc. Destruction usually follow this band. You could die, say if you decided to climb up a steep rockface with no safety rope and no knowledge of climbing, or if you charge an army butt naked. But the chances are (and don't quote me on this, he's been known to have a nasty side!! ) CD won't inflict a deadly plague on you, or put you in a situation where you have no chance of survival. If you're bored read the last few threads, they are a pretty good laugh. Shame some of the (past) characters seem to fade out quicker than these threads do!
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