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Default Re: Antagonistís Anarchy: Derived from Dianthus


His word on it? From a recent bandit that didn't mean a lot.

"Sure the ladies love a compliment like that." Ydalon remarked as he shrugged his sling higher up his yellow-white shirted shoulder.

"And you're welcome to the blades. The road's got enough danger. Might be the rest can't agree but what's a bit of lawlessness long as you behave?"

The boy scratched his chin, as though the stubble he did such a poor job growing was an irritant. Then he jumped up and led the way outside, turning upside-down the entire settlement in the quest for the reassembly of their group.

To their misfortune, or at least to Ydalon's for Jason might well have been delighted, there was no sign of Nivram. Not even a trail of empty bottles and vomit they might pursue, it was as if a djinn had popped up and whisked him away.
Only into the afternoon did the search come to a halt, and a handful of former companions and new was stood scattered about the village square.

"So then," the boy said as he surveyed them. "Onward to Veridan?"

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