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Default Re: A Million people hit by 'Plague Worse than the Swine Flu' in the Ukraine.

I wouldn't know what to make of it.
I seriously doubt there's any evil intent behind the outbreaks like attempted genocide, aerial spraying of virus or vaccin, or an effort to delay elections, though I'm sure the latter'll suit some politicians just the same. An accident of course is always possible, yet I don't see how that would grow out of control so much if nothing else was wrong.
The sheer amount of people said to be infected suggests that the virus(?) has been active for quite a few weeks now without being contained, supposedly because people would rather eat chicken soup than visit a doctor, or because of increased infectivity.

Then there's talk of swine flu, mutated swine flu, three other flues, and an offshoot of the black plague, any or all of which could be active, though I expect only one of them causes so much damage to the lungs.
Because most of the ill and dead haven't been tested for what got them (or the figures are just not known) it's rather difficult to tell what's what.
According to the WHO at least some of the deaths are from swine flu, whilst in another article about the spread to China it's claimed antibiotics are an effective treatment to this pneumonic plague, which would in fact suggest it's not a virus at all, but bacterial.

I'm afraid Ukraine's president and opposition, Russia, China, the WHO, local healthcare officials, conspiracy theorists, various virologists and others will continue to send out conflicting statements for some time before we'll get a good idea of what's really going on.

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